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What makes Meadow Heights so special is the support our community receives from the many active families at our school. Through participation and volunteerism, the PTA successfully fulfills its mission year after year; and we are able to continuously and consistently offer activities, events and programs that benefit both Meadow Heights students and their families.

Participation takes many forms:

  • talking to your kids about their school day
  • coming to the Back-to-School Coffee on the first day of school
  • attending monthly PTA meetings

  • cheering for the kids during Stampede, or even donating your time or resources to support our activities and fundraising efforts.

Your participation with the PTA doesn’t take much. It’s as simple as asking your kids what they did in Library/Art/Music or what they learned from Joseph, our Soul Shoppe Life Skills Coach, during one of his visits. As for your kids, whether they know it or not, during the school year they participate at least once a day in a PTA-sponsored program.

 Visit Meadow Heights PTA Website

PTA Supported Programs

  • Classroom Music
  • Classroom Art
  • Technology Support
  • Library Growth
  • Classroom Supplies & Programs
  • Field Trips & Assemblies
  • Community Events