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School Site Council

The school site council (SSC) was established by the California Department of Education as a vehicle by which the school community would come together to charge the school’s path to improvement.  The SSC is designated to represent all segments of the school community, with members including the principal, other school personnel and parents.

What does the SSC do?

Reviews, develops and updates the school-based plan, monitors its implementation, assesses the plan's effectiveness, including target levels and performance objectives.

Approves and monitors the budget for SIP and other funds.

Identifies, develops and implements areas that strengthen the school plan as requested by the district.

Site Council Meetings

Meadow Heights School Site Council generally meets five times during the school year.  Parents are welcome and invited to attend.  If you have an item for the agenda, please submit to the Chairperson one week in advance.  This may be done via email, or dropped at the office. 

Meeting Minutes are posted in the office.